In search of the perfect gift for someone special?

Look no further than Tempo 301 to unlock the benefits of our exclusive fitness classes and rejuvenating massage therapy!

Surprise your loved ones with the ultimate gift – the TEMPO 301 Gift Card. An ideal choice for those seeking to boost their strength and overall well-being. This versatile card can be redeemed for our addictive reformer Pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, personal training sessions, relaxing massages, and a thoughtfully curated collection of premium retail products.

And the best part? Purchasing them is easy! Simply follow the instructions below, and we’ll send the gift card directly to your chosen recipient. You can also make your purchase conveniently through the MindBody app – feel free to reach out to your preferred studio for more details. 

Enhance your gift-giving experience with Tempo 301!

How do I purchase a Tempo 301 gift card?

Step 1 – Click on the link here>

Step 2 – Fill in the following details on the online form: 

  • Select gift card 
  • Add preferred gift voucher amount 
  • Add the name of the student who the gift card is being purchased for (recipient) 
  • Add purchaser name (so the recipient knows who the gift card is from) 
  • Gift card can be emailed directly to the recipient when the tick box is selected 
  • Add the recipient’s email address & confirm this 
  • Add the preferred date of when the gift card should be emailed to the recipient 
  • Add a title (e.g. “Happy Birthday”) and a personal message for the recipient to receive with their voucher 
  • Add the recipient’s full name 
  • This voucher can also be printed at home once the transaction is complete 
  • Select the preferred image for the gift card 
  • The gift card can also be previewed at this stage – select “make purchase” 

Step 3 – in shopping cart “login as guest” on the left-hand side (N.B. if you already have an account with us you can click through to the checkout and sign in when prompted)

Step 4 – check details and amount are correct and then click on “Checkout” 

Step 5 – at Checkout add the purchaser’s contact email address 

Step 6 – add purchaser billing details and click on “place order” 

This is now complete, and the gift card will be sent via email to the recipient (if the tick box has been selected) on the selected date. Otherwise, the gift card can be printed at home and gifted to the recipient.


How can a Tempo 301 gift card be used?

To give the gift of Tempo 301 to your friends, family or colleagues. Whether they are looking for local Pilates classes, searching for the ideal place to try a HIIT workout or to relax with a massage treatment, Tempo 301 is the gift that keeps on giving.

Where can I use my Tempo 301 gift card?

You can book Reformer Pilates classes in any of our Pilates studios London (Hackney | E8, Shoreditch | E1, Elephant and Castle | SE17) and/or HIIT classes & massage treatments in our Elephant and Castle | SE17 location.

Additionally, you can use it against any retail purchase at any of our studios.

How long is my gift card valid for?

Your Tempo 301 gift card is valid for 12 months from the purchase date. Any remaining balance on your card will automatically be cancelled after 12 months, and your gift card will no longer be valid.

How do I redeem my gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed online if they are purchased online. 

To redeem, simply choose the gift card option at checkout once you have selected the class/package of your choice.

What if I don’t use the whole gift card amount in one purchase?

A remaining balance is automatically stored on your gift card. Just ensure you keep your gift card number handy so it can be used again.

How can I find out the value of a my gift card?

Please contact your preferred studio for information on your gift card’s remaining balance.

Can I purchase a Tempo 301 gift card in a studio?

Of course, our wonderful reception teams will be happy to assist.

What are the benefits of purchasing a gift card?

It’s the perfect way to introduce a friend to Tempo 301 – buy now to give the gift of Pilates reformer classes, HIIT classes and massage therapy.

Are there reformer Pilates classes near me?

Our Tempo Pilates classes can be found in our Pilates studios London: London SE17 – Elephant & Castle, London E8 – Hackney and London E1 – Shoreditch.

Are there HIIT classes near me?

Our Tempo HIIT classes can be found in London, SE17 – Elephant & Castle, London to book visit our SE17 Elephant park studio page. To view the schedule visit our dedicated HIIT classes page.

Are there beginner Pilates classes near me?

Our L1 – Tempo Pilates classes, Beginner Pilates classes, and Contemporary Pilates classes are suitable for beginners. Visit our studio pages to see if one of our Reformer Pilates London studios might be near you. 

Or visit one of our Google pages below to find directions, find updated studio hours or read Google reviews.