Tempo Pilates | Method Statement

Tempo Pilates is a comprehensive Reformer Pilates method performed to invigorating music. By adding the 301 tempo philosophy to a series of controlled and precise mind-body movements – each guided with breath – our classes are given a pace that creates flow, encouraging centering and concentration.

The result? A fresh, upbeat approach to studio Pilates that’s enjoyable but challenging. Tempo Pilates will transform your approach to fitness – from that hour of the day you dread to an experience that leaves you riding high. If you want to burn calories, build lean muscle and sculpt and tone the body without it feeling like a chore, visit us and workout the Tempo Pilates way.

Tempo Pilates classes are currently hosted in London Hackney | E8, Shoreditch | E1 and Elephant Park | SE17.

Tempo HIIT | Method Statement

Tempo HIIT brings the intense energy of a cardio-driven, fat-burning HIIT class to the low impact, muscle-strengthening mechanics of pilates.

Focusing on fitness sustainability, these sweat-inducing workouts are designed to burn calories so you can lose weight fast while increasing strength and prolonging your health. Through a series of controlled movements performed to energetic music – Tempo HIIT not only tones up the body, but elevates the heart rate to shred belly fat while avoiding the risk of injury associated with high-intensity interval training. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to gain muscle and work up a sweat without the chaos of interval training, Tempo HIIT’s the spot.

Tempo HIIT classes are currently hosted in London, Elephant Park | SE17.