Contemporary Pilates classes are based on Joseph Pilates’ original exercises but have been modernised due to more recent research and influences regarding biomechanics and physical therapy. Trainers may still incorporate some of the original exercises found in Classic Pilates, but there is also a wide range of new exercises that have been added or variations added for specific needs.

Who is it for?

Contemporary Pilates classes are ideal if: you are new to exercise, returning to exercise after injury or childbirth or have a busy and stressful lifestyle.  Contemporary Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities. We would particularly recommend it if you suffer from back and joint pain, poor abdominal tone, are recovering from injury, have osteoporosis, poor posture, ME, MS or have recently had a baby.

What to expect? Why join?

This class combines classical and modern exercises, with a heavy focus on flow. Trainers may incorporate some of the exercises found in Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire, as well as a wide range of new exercises or variations added for specific requirements and tailored to those in individual classes. Music is provided in the background rather than being the sole focus, allowing students to follow their own rhythm.

What to Wear?

We recommend wearing something that allows you to move easily such as stretch pants and a vest top, or shorts and a t-shirt. You will get hot during our classes so it is important to be comfortable. For hygiene reasons, we recommend students wear socks in class.

Water and towels are available to purchase/hire at the studio.