L1 – Tempo Pilates classes are just under an hour. The first 30 minutes of each class follows our signature repertoire of core Tempo Pilates exercises. These are specifically designed to warm up the body whilst strengthening your core. The second half of the class is the individual trainer’s freestyle, meaning you’ll never get the same class twice.

Who is it for?

L1 reformer Pilates classes are ideal for beginners and intermediates alike. Our classes are small, with a maximum of 11/12 students per class, allowing our trainers to give you personal attention and guide you to perform exercises whilst considering your individual needs/goals. The resistance of the reformer and hand weights can be modified to suit both abilities.

What to expect? Why join?

In this class, there will be verbal cueing of the exercises and where possible some demonstration. The emphasis shifts to the overall flow of the class, in tune with our inspiring, ever-changing playlists, with students practising the method at a comfortable pace. Trainers will provide options in class to accommodate both levels.

Two to three Tempo Pilates sessions a week will help achieve fast, long-lasting results. Both your core strength and flexibility will improve quickly and you will notice changes in your overall muscle tone.

Be prepared to break a sweat, be challenged and see results fast!

What to Wear?

We recommend wearing something that allows you to move easily such as stretch pants and a vest top, or shorts and a t-shirt. You will get hot during our classes so it is important to be comfortable. For hygiene reasons, we recommend students wear socks in class.

Water and towels are available to purchase/hire at the studio.