Those who work out with a partner they feel comfortable with are more energetic and happier than those who work out alone, according to a report by Santa Clara University scientists.

Having that in mind we decided to pick not only one student of the month but two.  And because they are a couple they didn’t mind sharing the illustrious title.

Isabel and Miguel have been attending Tempo Pilates classes since 2014 and during their interview, they chatted about their reasons for joining Tempo Pilates, their favourite reformer moves and the changes they noticed since starting their Pilates journey.

TP: What made you start practising Pilates, and why Tempo Pilates?

Miguel: Pilates was recommended to us by a friend as a good way to keep fit. We searched online for somewhere near home and found Tempo Pilates E8 | Hackney.

Isabel: I started because I wanted to have better posture and a lean, long and trim body! (Laughs)

I think Pilates sessions at Tempo Pilates are quite a different experience from mat Pilates, it enables you to carry out beneficial exercises with relative ease and it’s also a lot of fun.

TP: Have you noticed any changes since you started practising?

Isabel: I think I’ve been practising Pilates for 2 years and I have really noticed a change in my body. Practicing Tempo Pilates has really strengthened not only my core but my whole body and increased my flexibility and given me better posture – I think I’m taller now!! :)

Miguel: Yes, far more core strength (I can hold a plank for 6 minutes!), better posture at the office and definitely more flexibility, especially in my hamstrings.

TP: What is your favourite Tempo move/exercise and the one you find the most challenging?

Isabel: For me, the most challenging move is the single leg shoulder bridge.

Miguel: Planks are my favourite but because I can now hold them for longer. I find lunges on the reformer quite tough still.

TP: How would you guys describe Maureen’s classes?

Maureen is the best instructor ever, she’s professional and friendly and she is a great motivator – always ready to challenge us.  She is brilliant and always knows how to modify and accommodate anyone with an injury.

We can’t recommend Maureen’s classes enough :)

Interview by Jeison Rosendo