We sat down with trainer Claire Coles for our first OFF REFORMER chat to find out more about her, what is exciting her at the moment and we also spoke about her career move from a primary school teacher to the Pilates world.

TP: So from Primary School teacher to Pilates trainer, what a change. How did the decision to change careers come about?

Claire: I was living in the US, teaching at a kindergarden school and had been attending Pilates classes for over two years. I was excited by the effect it had on my mind and body so I decided to study and become a trainer. First classical mat Pilates followed by reformer, as it was my favorite work out.

After my training was over I started to think of what my next move should be, and while researching Reformer Pilates studios I found out about Tempo Pilates and loved the idea of synchronising movement to the music.

I was also always excited about the idea of living in London, so being a trainer at Tempo was kind of meant to be.

TP: What do you like the most about Tempo Pilates?

Claire: I like the intensity of it, fast paced exercise to music. I feel you can work out and also stretch on the reformer, so it’s a very versatile way of exercising.

I also found that it was the workout with the quickest results! People have the idea that Pilates is not a real work out and usually compare it to yoga but they should definitely try one of our classes.

TP: Aside from Pilates, what is your favorite workout?

Claire: I love dancing, as a hobby and as an exercise.

TP: What do you do to wind down after a class?

Claire: I would love to take on meditation but I haven’t done yet. I like to go home and cook a lovely healthy meal and relax, read a book, have a glass of wine. I am also very into podcasts now.

TP: What book are you reading now?

Claire: I am reading The Secret  written by Rhonda Byrne, I find it very useful.

TP: What is your favorite song to work out to?

Claire: Beyonce! (laughs) or any R’n’B music.

Claire’s classes are fun, energetic and we love the Northern charm she brought to our studios. If you want to read more about Claire click here, or to catch one of her classes check the schedule on our website!

Interview by Jeison Rosendo