London based reformer pilates trainer Demi Hylands



“Demi was so lovely and explained all the exercises so well!” – ClassPass

Demi’s love for movement has progressed from her professional dance background to finding joy in the Pilates practice. She loves the low impact, high intensity dynamic that Pilates offers and wants you to embrace the journey of strength, flexibility, and mindful movement as you sculpt your body and elevate your well-being with her.

Demi’s Fitness philosophy: – Movement is medicine; a joyful tribute to your body, mind and soul

Why Demi’s class? Demi’s knowledge, passion and dedication to helping others thrive is what makes her a great instructor. She creates a supportive and inclusive environment inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. With her expertise and nurturing approach, you will feel empowered to embrace your Pilates journey with confidence and you will have so much fun doing it!Your Content Goes Here