Joseph H. Pilates, the man behind the exercise regime in the 1920s, developed this form of fitness, thus being credited for the name. Pilates purists devoted to his legacy believe the word ‘Pilates’ should hold a trademark specifically to this tradition, not the variations of the method that have emerged through time. However, in a 2002 court case, it was legally determined that Pilates is a generic noun that is applicable to both Joseph’s specific approach and the adaptations inspired by him.

Some feel this dilutes the credibility of the word; to be fair, there are some less-than-judicious classes and advocates jumping on the bandwagon, but opposers believe the time has come for Pilates to step off its pedestal and join common terminology that expresses an exercise method. It is just important to be aware that not all Pilates styles, programs and instructors will suit your needs and abilities; pick the right place!

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