The key to a comfortable work out is a simple concept: wear comfortable, snug-fitting clothing. Ladies can sport anything from leotards to tights and a t-shirt. Men should wear bike shorts and a t-shirt in order to keep ventilation through to the body. Reformer Pilates, in essence, is non-aerobic, so bring a sweatshirt with you if you’d like. Gym shoes aren’t required, but to stay on the hygienic side, please bring a small personal towel and clean socks. Excessive perfume is also a negative as the smell can become sickly in an exercising environment. Cell phones are to be switched off or put on silent so the mind-body connection is not broken due to a mere distraction. Alas, contrary to popular belief, if you are attending a reformer Pilates class there is no need to bring your own equipment – we do the dirty work!
Tempo Pilates studios consist of ten Pilates reformer beds in our Hackney (E8) studio and seven Pilates reformer beds at our Covent Garden (WC2) studio.