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“Natalie was so encouraging and gave us much needed energy! loved her class :)” – ClassPass Reviews

With a foundation grounded in the philosophies of academia, Natalie seamlessly transitioned from university days to the vibrant realm of fitness. She is an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, blending the intellectual rigour of philosophy with the dynamic energy of fitness.
Natalie is a Level 2 & 3 qualified instructor, with three years experience teaching H.I.I.T classes. Natalie is a boxing enthusiast, H.I.I.T. aficionado, and strength training devotee. Her training sessions are a fusion of the sweet science of boxing, high-intensity intervals, and the mastery of strength building.

As a philosophy graduate, Natalie champions the profound connection between a sound mind and a resilient body. She has come to understand that the mind-body connection is not merely a theoretical concept but a lived reality. It’s an acknowledgement that our mental and physical states are in constant dialogue, influencing each other in ways both subtle and profound. This belief fuels her commitment to fitness, viewing it not just as a physical endeavour but as a holistic journey towards cultivating mental clarity, emotional well-being, and physical strength.

Natalie’s Fitness Philosophy:
– Natalie believes in the inseparable connection between a sound mind and a resilient body, channelling this philosophy into every workout for a holistic approach to well-being and vitality.

Why Natalie’s Class? Natalie brings a unique blend of intellectual depth and physical vigour, creating a space where you can sculpt not only your body but also cultivate a resilient mind. She aims to transform your body and mind in creating resilience and discipline all in the spheres of good, high, positive ener

Are Natalie’s Tempo HIIT classes near me? Our Tempo HIIT classes can be found in London, SE17 – Elephant Park, London to book visit our SE17 Elephant and Castle studio page. To view the schedule visit our dedicated HIIT classes page.