Cami Helene - HIIT Trainer



“Cami was amazing! Upbeat, encouraging and helpful” – ClassPass

“Cami was awesome and inspiring. Great workout with a great teacher. I loved the music as well” – ClassPass

Cami is a multifaceted fitness coach who incorporates strength, mobility, endurance and FUN into the workout! 
When it comes to training and the body, Cami has a holistic approach – everything is connected and requires balance. Having a healthy body which thrives goes beyond physical fitness; exercise, nutrition and mental/emotional equilibrium go hand in hand.

Cami’s Fitness Philosophy:

When the mind decides – the body follows.

Why Cami’s Class?

Cami creates a positive environment, where you can challenge yourself AND enjoy it!

Are Cami’s Tempo HIIT classes near me?

Our Tempo HIIT classes can be found in London, SE17 – Elephant Park, London to book visit our SE17 Elephant and Castle studio page. To view the schedule visit our dedicated HIIT classes page.