Tempo 301 Trainer - Toby Davis



“I love Tempo pilates! I used to visit Tempo Pilates in Hackney twice per week, and since I moved out of the UK, I miss it so much.
Toby’s classes are the best, challenges and funny. His classes are the first in the morning, which is great because you start the day with a great attitude. He’s always smiling, a great teacher who always corrects bad posture … I can’t recommend it enough!” – Google review

Toby holds a level 3 Diploma in personal training. He specialises in strength training and outdoor fitness. He has been a personal trainer for over 5 years and has completed his advanced STOTT mat Pilates course. He holds a lifelong passion for many sports including rugby and cricket, both of which he has played at County level, with two seasons in France playing 1st division rugby. He likes to think he could still give them a run for their money, but doesn’t like to admit he’s probably better off playing for the old boys’ team! He chose to become a Pilates teacher after his wife booked into Tempo Pilates and he fell in love with the concept.

Toby’s Fitness Philosophy – “Nothing good ever comes easy. If life gives you lemons, add ice and sugar and make lemonade”

We tend to forget the basic principles that link our minds to our body movements. Pilates helps to reconnect and build those pathways. Life always feels a little bit sweeter after a good Pilates workout.

Why Toby’s class?  Toby’s classes are perfect for beginners and intermediates alike. You will work hard, push your limits and have fun doing it. Be prepared to sweat!