Tempo 301 Trainer - Simge Altuner



“I love these Simge’s classes. She’s so great, helpful, kind and puts you at ease. I’m a beginner and I feel so comfortable in her classes. I also love the upbeat yet relaxing choice of music.” – ClassPass

Simge’s interest in Pilates began at University. Having grown up in Izmir Turkey, Pilates was an extremely uncommon activity with little to no opportunity to study. Deciding it was to be her chosen career path she moved to the UK to study. Having graduated Level 3 Matt Pilates with FutureFit Simge began working on a number of fitness projects in addition to her one to one sessions. One project of note is Upbeat – a government initiative promoting an active lifestyle and improved health & well being for adults with mental health issues. Simge recently added pre and postnatal Pilates to her ever-widening repertoire.

Simge’s Fitness Philosophy – “Don’t overdo it. Don’t underdo it. Do it right.” Fitness is about knowing what the body needs, and doing precisely that.

Why Simge’s class? If you want to push yourself to your max in a calm and supportive environment!