Tempo 301 Trainer - Kirsten Somers



“Kirsten is a great instructor, very friendly, makes an effort to know everyone’s name and very welcoming. Great L1 class, a bit of a step up from another L1 class I went to at the same studio.” – ClassPass

Currently living in London but originally from Melbourne, Australia. After years of office work, Kirsten started attending Pilates classes as an outlet for stress relief and to improve her poor posture caused by continuous desk work. Through personal practice, Kirsten developed a strong love and passion for the Pilates method and the benefits it provides to all age groups. Qualified in Mat & Reformer Pilates, she strives to provide clients with a comprehensive full-body routine providing focus on technique and correct form.

Kirsten’s Fitness Philosophy  – “Always do something you love and happiness will follow.”

Why Kirsten’s class? – Inviting the environment allows you to challenge your body and mind whilst embracing and discovering the Pilates method.