Tempo 301 Trainer - Hannah Cable



“This was such a fantastic class! I have only been to one other reformer pilates class and Hannah was super good. The class was easy to follow, and the instructor was very attentive and helped with anything we were struggling with. They also made sure that we were okay and gave breaks to breathe in between exercises. Warm energy and beautiful place. Would 100% recommend” – ClassPass

It was through her training as a professional dancer, that Hannah discovered her love for Pilates. Hannah has now been practising Pilates (reformer and mat) for 10 years and teaching for almost 6. Once she graduated Hannah went on to study at the Body Control Pilates Centre where she gained her Pilates Level 3 (REPS) matwork and reformer certification. Whilst sustaining a serious knee injury 7 years ago she was left unable to walk, and it was Pilates that saved her. Hannah now works closely with dancers and has an interest in injury prevention and building all over body strength and stability through the use of the reformer.

Hannah’s Fitness philosophy – Movement is a mindset and it’s more than just looking good. When you feel good on the inside and put the hard work in, the rest follows.

Why Hannah’s class? Hannah’s classes are a great way to build strength and stamina. This strength can then be carried through into everyday life and elsewhere. Work hard and you will see results.