Shannon Coates - Pilates Trainer



“The class was brilliant! The instructor was really great at correcting form or posture throughout the whole class …” – ClassPass

I was never a gym/classes person and always found it very daunting so, I used to run only. however, now that I am injured it was advised I started doing pilates. I have been to a few classes (normal pilates) and this was my first reformer one and I was a bit scared, but Shannon was sooooo nice explaining everything clearly and patiently, and checking in on me to make sure I was good. This is by far the best experience I have had in my new pilates/classes journey! thank you, Shannon! – ClassPass

Aussie girl Shannon first found her love for Pilates during her full-time dance training at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. She found it the most complimentary and functional form of conditioning, feeling an almost-immediate positive impact on her overall strength and dance technique. After years of enjoying Pilates as an avid participant, Shannon decided to become an instructor, hoping to inspire and motivate others in the same way her trainers did for her.

Shannon’s Fitness Philosophy:

“I got 99 problems, but I’m going to workout to ignore all of them.” There is something for everyone in a Pilates class, whether it’s working on posture, diving in for a deep burn, or simply spending an hour focusing on nothing else but yourself.

Why Shannon’s class? 

Shannon aims to help her students discover strength, flexibility, and joy in every session. She loves encouraging people to use Pilates as a means of self-care, promoting holistic well-being. Shannon hopes to foster a positive and supportive environment in class, whilst also providing a challenge.

Are Shannon’s Tempo Pilates classes near me?

Our reformer Pilates classes can be found in the following locations – to book visit our studios page:
– Reformer Pilates South East London: SE17 – Elephant Park
– Reformer Pilates East London: E8 – Hackney
– Reformer Pilates Central London: E1 – Shoreditch