Profile pictute of London based reformer pilates trainer Isabella-Picchioni



“Instructor was super helpful and considerate. The class was challenging but went at a good pace. Overall 10/10.” – ClassPass

Isabella is a passionate Pilates instructor with a contemporary dance and theatre background. While she was training in drama school she was already interested in the correlation between movement and breath. This fascination led her through the years to start practising Pilates alongside working as a performer in major theatres in London. Discovering that practising Pilates was enriching her performance she decided to deepen her knowledge and become a Pilates instructor.

Isabella’s Fitness philosophy: – Your habits shape your identity, and your identity shapes your habits.” By repeating healthy habits every day we can change our future. So start small to get you to fulfil yourself.

Why Isabella’s class? Isabella’s passion for movement will make you feel stronger. She is enthusiastic about fitness and enjoys making her client feel connected to their bodies.Your Content Goes Here