Gui first entered the fitness world through Martial Arts. While teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he realised that physical activity provides benefits way beyond a healthy body. It soon became a passion! Now he dedicates his professional life to helping people live a more active and healthy life, with Pilates being just one of the tools he uses.

Gui’s fitness philosophy:

It is through our bodies that we connect with ourselves and with the world. Your body is you! Own it!

Why Gui’s class?

In Gui’s classes you’ll be offered the right options for your fitness level and the motivation to push yourself to have a challenging and fun workout, all with great attention to body positioning and technique.

Are Gui’s Tempo Pilates classes near me?

Our reformer Pilates classes can be found in the following locations – to book visit our studios page:
– Reformer Pilates South East London: SE17 – Elephant Park
– Reformer Pilates East London: E8 – Hackney
– Reformer Pilates Central London: E1 – Shoreditch