Take the Tempo Pilates Challenge in January… For Free!

Is one of your New Year resolutions going to be to Get Fit? Here is a chance to take control of your fitness in 2013 for FREE! What better incentive to get a stronger, more flexible and toned body in the New Year do you need?
Joseph Pilates said:
“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a different body”

Take the Tempo Pilates New Year, New You Challenge!!
We believe in the words of Joseph Pilates, and want to show you that it is possible to start feeling the difference in just a few reformer Pilates classes with us. As an extra benefit, we will be including nutritional advice from fully qualified nutritionist, Jane Grogan.
We are looking for a dedicated, witty and articulate volunteer, to follow a nutritionist’s diet & participate in 10 Tempo Pilates over 3 consecutive weeks (or one may be taken in a fourth week) at our London E8 studio, in Hackney, whilst blogging about the experience.
What’s Involved?
You must be prepared to write a total of 5 short blogs, an initial blog to introduce you, and your fitness goals and then one blog a week for 3 weeks, plus a “end of Challenge blog”. Each blog should be a minimum of 300 words.
The blog should include how you found each session at London E8, how you feel you have progressed in our reformer Pilates classes and how you feel in yourself and your body. We will be measuring your success as well, to help you see how you have progressed!
The Nitty Gritty…
In order to ensure that you are committed to our New Year, New Challenge, New You challenge, you must be prepared to purchase 10 classes for £150 by 23rd of December, to be valid for 4 weeks, at 3 per week, with the final class to be taken in 4th consecutive week, or to have 10 of your current package moved to a fixed use period on the same basis. We will refund the cost of your classes in full, or return the classes to your package for re-booking following the completion of 3 reformer classes a week for 3 consecutive weeks, plus one in the 4th consecutive week in January 2013 with submission of all 5 blogs as specified. Failure to do so will mean you will not be refunded for your package, you will lose any classes not taken and/or if you reallocated classes to the competition they will not be returned. This is designed to help you stick to the challenge – not that we think you will really need it ☺
What are you waiting for? – Enter here

Entries close on Thu 20th of December 2012.
The winner will be contacted on Fri 21st of December 2012