” I have never been sporty or athletic (think chubby kid reading during PE). January two years ago, however, I got fed up of moaning every January about being tired and run down and generally miserable. I decided to make a change and Tempo was part of that.

From the very first beginners’ classes (which I would definitely recommend for those who aren’t the fittest), the instructors have been positive, supportive and encouraging. The classes are small and focused, and trainers pay attention to the smallest details of posture and movement. The studio at E1 is light, airy and clean, and the reception staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming.

I’m still no fitness queen, my plank is still wobbly at best, but going to Tempo at E1 is honestly one of the highlights of my week. If I could go everyday, I would. Seriously, it’s more addictive than biscuits. Great for sweating out a hangover, too.”

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