L2 – Tempo Pilates classes build on the strength gained in our Beginner/ Intermediate classes and are intense, with less rest and more challenges. The classes incorporate new exercises and are designed to challenge. Choose this class if you’re ready to take it up a level.

Who is it for?

L2 reformer Pilates classes are ideal for students already familiar with the Tempo Pilates method and are not for the beginner or the faint-hearted. Even if you are familiar with Pilates and the reformer, this class will test you to your limits, and there will be less explanation and demonstration. Even if you are an experienced Pilates student but new to Tempo, we recommend attending at least one L1 class before attending our L2 classes.

What to expect? Why join?

In this class you can expect the same great playlists… the same experienced instructors… but all taken to another level. This is a go harder, or go home class.

You will find the moves more advanced, with increased reps and a step up in resistance, duration and intensity. You will require a higher degree of control, concentration and precision for these classes. They are for those who really want to challenge themselves, increase their overall strength and endurance and be rewarded by maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.

What to Wear?

We recommend wearing something that allows you to move easily such as stretch pants and a vest top, or shorts and a t-shirt. You will get hot during our classes so it is important to be comfortable. For hygiene reasons, we recommend students wear socks in class.

Water and towels are available to purchase/hire at the studio.