Anna Cromie


Just wanted to provide positive feedback about Anna Cromie’s classes. I have now attended a few classes on Mondays and last Thursday and she’s a very good instructor. Her classes are demanding at the level they should be, with a lot of diversity and amazing results! Love them! – via email.

Really enjoyed the class, I liked the isolated movements and targeted muscle groups. Pilates is new to me & it was great to find something a little more downtempo but that also worked a sweat – ClassPass

Anna is a RYT 500 Yoga and L3 Pilates Teacher who fell in love with Reformer for the engaging classes and the crazy results, for both body and mind. After finding gym routines repetitive and robotic, Anna turned to Pilates and yoga. She loved the more fluid intuitive movement, which makes you feel the burn!

Anna’s fitness philosophy: Anna believes exercise should be a time of focus and peace, coupled with self-challenge. It’s about enjoying the effort and celebrating the strength it brings.

Why Anna’s class? Anna’s classes are full body, but with legs and glutes focus. She aims to bring her students into a meditative state where time flies and muscles burn with a pain you secretly enjoy. Her movements are designed to create a long lean athletic physique.

Are Anna’s Tempo Pilates classes near me?

Our reformer Pilates classes can be found in the following locations – to book visit our studios page:
– Reformer Pilates South East London: SE17 – Elephant Park
– Reformer Pilates East London: E8 – Hackney
– Reformer Pilates Central London: E1 – Shoreditch