Profile picture of london based pilates trainer Alysa Parlevliet

Alysa Parlevliet


“Having tried over 10 different reformer studios/instructors in London, this will always be my favourite. Alysa is so magical and the best instructor i’ve ever had — Her classes don’t feel like just a workout even when you’re being challenged: they’re meditative, therapeutic and you’ll leave feeling completely grounded.” – ClassPass

Alysa was introduced to reformer Pilates in 2018 when living in Amsterdam and it has been her favourite fitness class ever since! She not only enjoys the classes, but has noticed the amazing benefits, such as, improved strength, posture, and flexibility. Alysa has been working as a fitness instructor and holistic health & life coach for 2.5 years alongside completing her master’s in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Besides teaching reformer Pilates, Alysa works as a coaching psychologist and helps her clients unlock their full potential, build their confidence, and live a more balanced & fulfilling life.

Alysa’s fitness philosophy:

“Move your body because you love your body, not because you hate it.” Moving your body is one of the greatest things you can do for your overall health and to boost your energy & mood. Enjoy the class, the feeling after the class, and know you did something great for your body!

Why Alysa’s class?

In Alysa’s classes, you will be part of an energetic and challenging flow. Alysa will make sure you perform the exercises correctly and enjoy your time in the studio so you are leaving feeling strong and positive!

Are Alysa’s Reformer Pilates classes near me?

Our Tempo Pilates classes can be found in London, SE17 – Elephant Park, London, E8 – Hackney or London, E1 – Shoreditch.  To book visit our studio page.