Tempo 301 Trainer - Maureen Zalloum



Maureen started ballet aged just 4 and has taught dance classes from the age of 16. She has choreographed and performed professionally in many productions in Lebanon, Dubai and Qatar. After moving to London to specialise in contemporary dance, she was introduced to Pilates. Since then she has been hooked!!

Inspired by her Pilates practice, she went on to do a Pilates Matwork qualification with Body Control Pilates and is now a Level 3 (REPS) Matwork Instructor. After seeing how much Pilates benefited her, keeping her fit and injury free after long hours of rehearsals, she decided to challenge herself and start training with the Pilates reformer.

Maureen’s Fitness Philosophy – “If you miss class for one day, you will notice; if you miss class for two days, your colleagues will notice; if you miss class for three days, your audience will notice.” –

Consistency is key when it comes to staying in shape, whether you’re a dancer, an athlete or you have an office job. You may not be able to do everything perfectly the first time, but by applying yourself in every class, you will reach your goals.

Why Maureen’s class?  Maureen is very kind and helpful with beginners; she breaks down the exercises to make understanding the technique a lot easier for new clients, while at the same time, pushing them to their limits. On the other hand, she likes to challenge more advanced clients, helping them work hard towards their goals with perfect technique!