Tempo 301 Trainer - James Shaw



James found Pilates after a dramatic weight loss. He’d lost the weight but still didn’t have the body he wanted. Pilates sculpted his body and gave him the shape he’d been looking for. His passion for Pilates led him to train to teach, to help others reap the rewards that Pilates has to offer. He’s been teaching for 5 years. James holds his level 3 Classical Mat Pilates (REPS), Classical Reformer diploma (REPS), TRX certificate and Yoga qualifications.

James Fitness Philosophy – “In teaching, you will learn, in learning you will teach.”  As a trainer, he never stops learning on his fitness journey. Embrace the challenge and enjoy your journey, remembering if it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you.

Why James’ class? n James’s classes, you’ll find a fun and flowing element. Working hard to challenge both mind and body.