Tempo 301 Trainer - Alicia Morgan



“Alicia’s class is one of the best I’ve been to; her instructions and demonstrations were clear and precise. Overall, she made the lesson really lovely! Love the bright and airy studio too.” – ClassPass

Alicia’s Pilates journey began after suffering a back injury. As a professional dancer, she was seeking a balance between mind and body that would keep her fit and healthy for work. She began attending Pilates classes a few times a week and quickly found the practice vital for her health and wellbeing. Diving into Joseph’s work, Alicia gained the knowledge of body mechanics and the benefits Pilates brings to everyday life with a Level 3 in the Mat work rep, JPilates. Later Alicia decided to start training with the Pilates reformer to further extend her knowledge and keep her mind and body strong on and off the mat.

Alicia’s Fitness Philosophy – “You get back what you put in” Alicia believes in allowing yourself to practice, where you tune into your mind and challenge and strengthen your body, which will go a long way for your future health.

Why Alicia’s class? Expect an open and welcoming atmosphere beginner or not, where you will be encouraged to improve on technique, strength and stamina with assistance, to help reach your Pilates goals.