Tempo 301 Trainer - Aimee Adams



“Aimee is such a great instructor. Even for a level 2 class she makes everything adaptable and ensures you’re comfortable adjusting the exercising to what suits you that day. The class is very challenging and you’ll definitely feel it tomorrow – in a good way.” – ClassPass

Aimee has always had a keen interest in health and fitness and was first introduced to Pilates whilst living in Melbourne, Australia, where she practised regularly. After returning to the UK, she decided to continue to pursue her passion for Pilates and has recently completed her comprehensive training with internationally recognised Polestar.

Aimee’s Fitness Philosophy – Aimee’s fitness philosophy is all about figuring out what works for you and making sure it’s enjoyable. It’s about training your mind as well as your body. She’s a big fan of mixing things up and loves coming up with new ways to challenge Pilates enthusiasts both physically and mentally.

Why Aimee’s class? Choose Aimee’s class to escape from the daily grind. Aimee likes her classes to involve an element of fun whilst also providing that extra push for students that are looking to challenge themselves and really progress.