profile picture of London based reformer pilates trainer Chloe Sharpin



“Chloe was fantastic ! It was my second time doing reformer and she was extremely helpful in adjusting my form and making me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend her class. ” – Class Pass Reviews

Chloe recently moved to London having spent 6 years living overseas in Melbourne. Her passion for Pilates started in 2021, upon a recommendation from a physiotherapist to support ongoing issues linked to hip dysplasia. Chloe has seen first hand how powerful, and impactful, Pilates can be on mobility, strength, balance and concentration. Chloe works full-time in the tech industry but over the last year has dedicated her spare time to self-practice and formally qualifying as both a Mat & Reformer Pilates instructor.

Chloe’s fitness philosophy:

Make time in your day to move and connect with your body mindfully. Challenge your mind and body correctly and everything else that you want to achieve will flow into place.

Why Chloe’s class?

Chloe’s class will energise you from top-to-toe whether you’re a newbie or advanced, with opportunities to progress or regress where needed. Expect flowing movements and the releasing of endorphins! Chloe looks forward to meeting & moving with you soon!

Are Chloe’s Reformer Pilates classes near me?

Our Tempo Pilates classes can be found in London, SE17 – Elephant Park, London, E8 – Hackney or London, E1 – Shoreditch.  To book visit our studio page.