Ola Sogbanmu


Being in sports all his life and playing semi professional football it was a natural choice for Ola to start to use his learning from sports to help others perform well. This lead him to gaining his level 3 personal training qualification and numerous qualifications afterwards. Teaching within schools, community centres, wellness groups, boutique studios, sports teams and commercial gyms he’s found his style and loves to help people find their love for their health making it a lifestyle they are dedicated to.

Ola’s Fitness Philosophy

Ola is all about putting the fun into long term education and empowerment. Replacing fear and uncertainty with confidence and excitement not only to see your body change but to feel mentally and emotionally in charge. The aim is always to create a system to reach your goal as quickly as possible and have the ability to dive deep to what’s holding you back. Always aim to just give your best and your body will do the rest.

Why Ola’s class?

Time flies in his class, you’ll learn about your body and mind. You’ll build new boundaries as you gradually progress in the most sustainable way for you. You’ll laugh and you may cry but you’ll definitely enjoy the class.