Laura Basso


Originally from Venice, Italy, Laura started street dance at the age of 12, moving into fitness at the age of 15. She began her career as a dance teacher and Personal trainer at the age of 18. In addition, she started training Muay Thai and became very passionate and dedicated to this. She moved to London when she was 21 and started teaching for some of the most well established dance studios such as Pineapple and Danceworks. She then began her career as a PT in Third Space in 2016 where she was based for more than 3 years and then moved to Equinox. Her training style draws from her dance and martial arts education and aims to get the best results out of her clients while making the workout fun and enjoyable. Her expertise are: Strength and conditioning, Dance, Muay Thai, Mobility and flexibility, HIIT, Nutrition.

Laura’s Fitness Philosophy
Change the state of your body and you will change the state of your mind. Fitness is so much more than the look. It improves life on many different levels. Get empowered through movement is Laura’s mantra.

Why Laura’s class
Whatever the reason behind your fitness journey, Laura will ensure you achieve your goals in the studio.