Jimmy Lynch


Jimmy has been living and working in London for 4 years and part of the fitness industry for around 10 years. He’s experienced in coaching everything from HIIT bootcamps to CrossFit. He puts a lot of emphasis on the basics of coaching; technique and mechanics, consistency and motivation. Get these 3 things right, paired with consistency and some good fun and he believes anything is possible!

Jimmy’s Fitness philosophy
Fitness is multi faceted, and has different meanings to different people. Physical fitness and mental fitness usually always improve or decline at the same time and being able to change an individual’s mindset to that of one which is more confident in themselves is to begin that journey to better physical health. Confidence, trust and consistently turning up will make the biggest changes in every way.

Why Jimmy’s class
Jimmy works hard, and pushes students to their limit. You’re here for 45mins of your day so get your head down and put in that work. The saying is clichéd but true; the only workout you regret is the one you did not do. Hard work, a lot of sweat and some good laughs too!