Tempo Pilates™ – L1

Both Beginners and Intermediate students can attend these classes as the resistance of the reformer and hand weights are modified to suit both abilities. Whilst new students are welcome to attend, it is a real step up from the Beginner Only class.

What to expect? Why come?
In this class there will be verbal cueing of the exercises and where possible some demonstration, but less than in the Beginner Only classes.

The emphasis shifts to the overall flow of the class, in tune with our inspiring, ever-changing playlists, with students practising the method at a comfortable pace. Trainers will provide options in class to accommodate both levels.

Two to three Tempo Pilates sessions a week will help achieve fast, long lasting results. Both your core strength and flexibility will improve quickly and you will notices changes to your overall muscle tone.

Be prepared to break a sweat, be challenged and see results fast!